Introducing the new "[x] on cover" tags~

I would like to introduce the forums to a new series of folksonomy tags, all indicating stuff that appears on the cover art (I think just the front, but feel free to tag back cover and booklet stuff if you’d like, tho I’d encourage “x on back cover” and “x in booklet” respectively)

the “X on cover” tags~ (here’s a tag search with many examples, including some favorites of mine, fish on cover, meme on cover, acoustic guitar on cover, everything on cover, and many more!~)

feel free to come up with your own too~

also high-fives to @afrocat, @RandomMushroom128, @teethfairy, and @aerozol for all the new tags (and Discord discussions about them), and especially for coming up with the idea in the first place~

(also, my idea for the “[emoji] on cover” tags is to only include covers that feature the emoji, not what the emoji represents. and yes, there’s already emoji on cover~)


one of my personal favorites has to be skull on cover, there’s just so many records that feature skulls in one way or another