Intractable possibly duplicate artists

I’ve managed to trim down my Possibly Duplicate Artists list down to a few pages, with only a few stubborn entries left. What were (are) your stubborn artists on the list and how did you solve it? Or need advice on solving it? Post here!

A few stubborn ones I’ve managed to eventually solve are Octave & Gonzo. However the most intractable ones on my list are

Yoshi is a tough one, as there are many musicians all over the world using that name. I’ve added 2 or 3 so far.


I got Yoshi solved at last!


I generally separate out the ones I can do, and then add a disambiguation like (unknown) to the remaining one… Otherwise my nice tidy new artists get inevitably mangled again.

But supremely good effort getting every one sorted out, impressive!!!

I usually try to pare it down to a genre, locale or song, e.g. metal band, French artist or has song “Some Song” rather than just say “unknown”.


I finally got the three Michael Huangs dealt with! :smiley:

Michael Huang and 黃邁可 have been causing me problems for a while, but I was finally able to parse it out when I set up Fantasy Rebon and moved 黃邁可’s Final Fantasy album to that artist.

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Wild is almost solved, I moved one recording to Wild (Classical crossover quintet), leaving only one recording’s provenance to verify.


Wild is down to a single recording now, “Maniacs” with Lucky.

The ambiguous Maiko has been pared down to the song “Chandon”.

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That’s by a group called “Lucky & Wild”, not a collaboration by “Lucky” and “Wild”.

No more Wild.


I finally sorted out Archangel!

I’ve got Jenny mostly sorted out, there are 2-3 different artists remaining in this one.