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Hello, I have listed an “basspipe” on some cover art. Is this instrument related to “bassoon”? If so, is it just an synonym or maybe the “basspipe” is more precise type of “basson”?

I’m a fan of classical music, and I’ve not heard of “basspipe” as a word for “basoon”. What genre of music does the Release belong to?

Web search for “basspipe” leads to 1) company name, 2) subwoofer speaker brand name, 3) low-pitched flute made from PVC piping.

Or a French horn, maybe?

This doesn’t happen to be a Les Luthiers release, right? Because they have their own weird bass pipe.

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I have found it’s German translation which is “Baßpfeife” / “Basspfeife”. says it’s archaic for bassoon, am I right?

reosarevok, no. Here is the image from booklet and link to MB recording:

Recording: Recording “On the Run (Africa-Beat-Heart remix)” by Edyta Górniak - MusicBrainz

Btw, I have no idea what the “dil” instrument is too.

I’m assuming from that image that both the basspipe and the dil are local Kenyan instruments and unrelated to any old European equivalent word. I’d just go for “other” with a credit unless you find out more.