Instrument which the abbreviation is Op

I’m now setting instrument relationships to a song in album: STARTING OVER (
but hitting in a trouble with unknown abbreviation: “Op.”
This appeared in a list of instrument players, in-line with Dr., Cho., and others.
Anybody have an idea of what-this-is?

I’ve checked Discography Abbreviations - Noal Cohen's Jazz History Website , but no help.
I also checked Instrument List - MusicBrainz . Here, I found ophicleide which might have abb. Op.; but this sound seems to be not appearing in the recording.
Following is an example which includes this.

And, a live found in Youtube (sorry, original was not found).: INGRY'S Right Hand Lovers 歌詞&動画視聴 - 歌ネット starting from around 6:00.
The artist: 厚見玲衣 seems to be at least a keyboard player from official page:
Other artists are credit as player of “Op.” in the album; such as 斉藤仁, 古川貴司, and 福田竜太

I guess it could be ‘‘operator’’.
Someone who would program drum machines, samplers, computer or other kinds of sequencers.

Most likely programming. 斉藤 仁( 業務提携 )|リンズビーチ notes he is a マニピュレーター.

Thanks! So, “Op.” might be an operator, or maybe an manipulator.
I also found that “Op.” always appear with keyboard; which reinforces this.
So I’ll try using relationship: Programming for this.

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