Instrument conductor


I can find the specific arranger (string) but I cannot find the correct category to add the type of instrument for the conductor (string).

Am I overlooking where to find this as I just find the conductor and no place to add the instrument?



You mean that you have a release where there is a conductor for the strings and another for the other instruments?

There isn’t a category I could find to add strings for strings conductor as listed for Sally Herbert

There isn’t a box in conductor to choose any instruments unless I am looking at the wrong location to add this.

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Unfortunately there is no instrument conductor. But Sally Herbert is also an “instrument arranger” (thus connected to strings) and strings conductor can be noted in an annotation. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your help on this

or could be entered as miscellaneous support; there’s a free-text field there… that’s what I usually do for unsupported relationships~


In a case like this I’d always do conductor and annotation over misc, since IMO the idea that it’s a conductor is still valid and not worth losing.

There’s for this btw. I think the only reason I haven’t done it yet is because orchestra is not in the instruments list yet, although it should be merged with it eventually… but you know what, it’s probably not worth waiting until that. Added this, with a guideline sentence to

Only select vocals and/or instruments when specifically credited (such as “conducted strings” or “choir conductor”).



I will try to remember to annotate for this selection.