Instrument alias script?

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Hello there beautiful people! (ok maybe a quote from somewhere I dunno)

this post is long over due so here goes just copy paste:

"I wanted to ask about this: would it be possible for someone to write a small userscript for me that would do the following: given a list of names, comma/whatever delimited with set commands, create a set of “add alias to instrument” edits.
example: nb: trompet, trompet, yes, inst. sv: trumpet, trumpet, yes, inst. jp: トランペット, トランペット, yes, inst. jp: Tp, Tp, no, hint.
and it would thus insert edits with adding alias of norwegian, swedish and japanese with official yes and type instrument name, and a second one for japanese; official no, and type search hint.

Basically just a script/scriptlet/bookmarklet/whatever is most easy to make, that I can interact with/button-push/bookmarklet whatever, on the page, that then will pop up a little text box that lets me just paste a string of text which it then parses.
Now I know the proper way to do this is to fix aliases/batch alias adding/etc. but that is a “to be done at some time etc” thing. also people are busy with moving and dockerising and whatnot now, writing a short hackish script like this shouldn’t really take that much a time. The reason is that the adding of aliases is the prime reason I am so slow adding instruments/not getting them done at all, this kind of script would save me SO much time that I can probably do a lot more! :​)

Initially I thought the kind of nikkibot script like fetched names directly from wikidata, but after asking her about it, it turns out those were from transifex translations, so nikki suggested instead that someone make a user script that fetches labels from wikidata and lets me add the ones I want
" since if you have a wikidata id, you can get json pretty easily (e.g. for guitar)"
and that might be even better and also be a lot less work for everyone involved! :​D"

Further I’ve been thinking: gloriously would be an alias adding page with ﹡more than one alias﹡!
but that’s more scripting and work, no? anyway just to get it out there for all you wonderful userscript and userstyle guys!


For reference, I started working on something like that in my bitbucket repo and received some feedback from @CatQuest at

The script is still in early stage (planned for artist, confusing if used on other entities) so I don’t link to it directly, but I’ll try to have it ready for production soon.