Infinite information banner

On, I have been seeing this information banner for quite some time already:

MusicBrainz servers are being updated, slowdowns may occur for a few minutes, thanks for your patience.

I expected it to disappear once the update would be ended.
I guess the update is ended already, as much time has passed.
But the banner is still displayed.

It would be nice if information banners could be disabled by the same admins who can add it (could be with a validity date, or manually).

Until then, maybe it would be nice to sign with a date, so we know if it’s a current information or a very old information. :slight_smile:


Oops, I forgot to remove it as an admin, it’s been up for a week, thank you for mentioning it!

Edit: Yes, our banner system is basic and needs an upgrade.


Oh cool.
I was afraid each user had to dismiss it.
It’s nice that you can remove it. :slight_smile:

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The infinite banner is back…

In the past the Slow Down banner was just static and did not have a close button. Now there is a close button on these last couple of banners I guess it is easier to forget to turn them off? Maybe just loose the close buttons…


Thanks, removed again. I’m never closing the banner personally but it seems sensible to prevent closing it in case of maintenance.