Incorrect song runtime on album

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Howdy! I’m Ray, and I’ve been using MusicBrainz (and Picard) for a few weeks to help organize my physical CD collection that I’ve transferred over to my desktop, but ran into a problem recently, so I thought I’d create an account for MusicBrainz, and subsequently MetaBrainz, to ask for help in creating an edit.

I was going through with Picard to add the info onto the album “X (Wembley Edition)” by Ed Sheeran (Barcode 0825646974511), when I ran into a problem with song #14 “All of the Stars”. It was labeled correctly as song 14, but was somehow in the wrong spot on the web page? Along with that, I ran into the much bigger issue that the run time of the song was wrong. On my computer, the song shows and plays for 3:57, but the site claims that the song is actually 6:44.

I’m not sure how to properly request (help with) an edit to fix this, so I decided to come here and ask for help in doing so…

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Hi Ray, welcome to MusicBrainz.
And thanks for contributing.
This forum is a great place to ask questions like yours.
Just about everyone here is a volunteer like you.

The Release with that barcode is

The problem track is recording;

That Recording occurs with the same problematic track number and the same 6:44 timing on the Australian Release;

The origin of the track number discrepancy appears to be this Edit on the Australian Release:

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The Discogs page for the Australian Release shows yet another version of the Tracklist. The cd booklet coverart there collaborates that Tracklist in as much as they both have “All of the Stars” as the last Track, #17.

(The Allmusic link seem to be misplaced in terms of not refering to these US/Australian Releases with 17 tracks.)

EDIT: Way forward: I’d suggest checking that you are confident that the Cover Art on Discogs is the correct one for the Release you are editing.

And then, if you are confident, edit the Release to be in line with that Cover Art.

So All of the Stars becomes Track 17 with the time that you have found.

If you have the CD in hand you can add the MusicBrainz Disc ID using Picard.
This uses the CD’s built-in Table of Contents to make a powerful identifier for the CD and also puts in very correct track times into the Release.


without clicking on all of the links to see all of the examples…
If you have the cd in your machine and it is showing information from the cd that does not match the information from the website(s) or booklet, I would trust the cd information.
If it is simply a difference of a second or two, sometimes it is a difference in how an individual machine reads fractions of a second or the pre/post time.

It is quite possible that someone took a “shortcut” when uploading the information. Sometimes someone makes an error and then that error gets repeated by others so many times that we sometimes forget what the truth is.

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Track 14 is correct but was submitted betwenn tracks 17 and 18. (because of Discogs import script?)

At this point it was still possible to move track 14 up to its correct place, between tracks 13 and 15.

But then a Disc ID was added so now it’s not possible (or not easy?) to move the track any more.

I am now removing the Disc ID:
Please vote so that I can then move the track in its place.
Then when both those edits are applied, I can restore the Disc ID (I have saved the submit URL to do so).


You could also rename the tracks and select the old recordings at the new positions
(it’s important to do both, otherwise there would be chaos with the acoustids).

Change tracklist to

14 All of the Stars
15 English Rose
16 Touch and Go
17 New York

Select recordings
14 (All of the Stars)
15 (English Rose)
16 (Touch and Go)
17 (New York)

should have the result you want without removing and re-adding the discid.

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I can remove and re-add the Disc ID for sure but I cannot move the AcoustIDs without having those releases, I could only unlink them.
And the recordings have always been correct, they shouldn’t be repurposed, IMO

I think you didn’t understand how this would work.
There is no repurposing of the recording, it (e.g. “All of the Stars”) was the recording for the
track with number 14 at position 17 with the name “All of the Stars” before and is the recording for the
track with number 14 at position 14 with the name “All of the Stars” after
and keeps the acoustids, the acoustids are linked to the recording, not the track.
Of course it is essential, that the track is renamed and the recording for this track name is selected
(and unfortunately it is quite easy to do this wrong).

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Oh thanks, now I get it!
I will then now apply track times (done) then edit medium as you say:

Looks much better now (at least for this release).
There is another messed up release: (already mentioned by mmirG),
but I think I can fix that ( was apparently wrong, the acoustid is that of “Make It Rain”)

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