Inconsistent behavior of "Guess case" button


I noticed a difference in the way “Guess case” button works for two releases:

In the release going to Edit → Tracklist tab and clicking “Guess case” (set to English) capitalizes the words “from” and “with” in titles of tracks 1 and 11. This is expected: it follows English language capitalization guidelines.

On the other hand, “Guess case” button does not capitalize the word “with” in the title of track 3 here: Release “Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon Ho Megas” by Therion - MusicBrainz.

If I’m doing something wrong, I can’t see what. Is this a bug? Or does “guess case” use a rule I’m not aware of? Or maybe it’s just working that way for me? Can anyone else reproduce this behavior?

It’s because the text in parentheses is detected as Extra Title Information, and there apply different rules. See the comment at Style / Language / English - MusicBrainz


Thank you, that makes sense. So it’s just an edge case in the way “guess case” is implemented?

Am I correct to think the word “with” should be capitalized in the title of the Therion track? After all, it’s not ETI.

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I think that’s right, but I’m not an expert on capitalization rules. Others here can give a more definitive answer.

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Yes, “with” is always capitalized, unless it’s ETI. Guess case assumes it’s ETI like “with such & such artist”, which I always found weird because we aren’t supposed to have artist in the ETI. So, it should be fixed to always capitalize with.

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All right, I fixed these titles. I left a link to this thread in edit notes.

Thanks for your help.