Inconsistency between the cover art and the album details : catalog number

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I bought the European version of the Lindsey Stirling’s album Warmer in the Winter (deluxe edition) and I was checking on MusicBrainz if I could find it (with Picard).

I found multiple version and 2 concerning the deluxe edition : 1 for the digital version and on for the CD. So I took the CD version and I noticed that there is a problem concerning the catalog numbers (CRE00777) because there are not the ones which appear on the scanned back cover (00888072067752) or on the CD (same as the back cover):

So, I come to you to know if there is really an inconsistency or if the catalog number is not always printed on the released version? And to know if I should fix it by creating another version of the release?

Catalog number are usually printed on the spine.

The release on MB you linked was imported from Discogs, it’s a US version

It was later hijacked by a another editor who got the EU version (Made in the EU) and uploaded his scans.

There is a EU version on Discogs.

I’ve just imported the EU version from Discogs and copied the cover art from the hijacked US release.

Removal of EU scans on US version pending:

BTW, the catalog number for the US release was printed on a sticker: