Incomplete records in CAA?

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I’ve noticed for the past few weeks that Picard has consistently failed to download the cover art for certain releases (always the same 5 ones in my collection). It logs error messages like this:

E: 11:40:44 Network request error for Error transferring - server replied: Not Found (QT code 203, HTTP code 404)

Now when I look that up at, indeed the information seems incomplete, compared with a ‘normal’ entry such as Yet both were entered in the same way through the MB interface, and accepted, and appear fine on the relevant MB release page.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Any idea what the cause, or fix, might be?

There are ongoing reports of Cover Art Archive having “issues”.
(Maybe my attitude is wrong, and I know if I was waiting to try and tag something I’d be less generous, but the contrast between the small and annoying problems of CAA and the pretty much faultless performance of the main database makes me really appreciate the great work that the coders have done on the MB db. Without that great foundation MB wouldn’t be looking at a big future. Not that this stops me from pushing for a friendlier and multisensorial UI - I think that too will be necessary for that big future to be realised. :grin: )

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Take a look at this:


Thank you for the link, I see this is a known issue!