Inactive Tagger Links

I’ve been following some of the forum posts on tagger links, but none of the proposed solutions has helped me. When I click on a green tagger link, nothing happens. No album is loaded in the right pane. The connection monitor in the lower right hand corner seems to indicate that there is no traffic coming in from the server. Whereas, when I scan a song and it gets a match automatically, the green download arrow shows albums being loaded. I am running firefox on OS X. I have disabled antivirus and adblocker plugins. I have tried both the beta server and the primary. Port 443 is not loading, even if I try to force HTTPS.

You can’t set the port that Picard is listening to. Port 443 is for looking up on (port 80 would be - and you can set a custom port in case you run your own mirror/copy of the MusicBrainz site). Picard will usually be listening to port 8000, unless that port was blocked when Picard started, in which case it will be listening to the first available port after that (e.g., 8001, 8002, …). You can see which port Picard is listening to in the bottom right corner:

The URL the green tagger link has should be something like “…”. If the part between the colon and the first slash after the IP doesn’t match the port Picard is reporting to be listening at, then it won’t go anywhere. If both ports are the same, then it’s likely to still be one of the problems discussed here:
Picard Tagger Button doesnt work in any browser on Windows 10

You disabled antivirus and adblocker; what other browser addons have you got installed?


Try dragging the URL into Picard. There have often been issues with the tagger button.

Thanks for the responses. I understand now that the port option in the settings menu is for outgoing traffic. MBP is listening on port 8000 and links are properly formatted. My adblocker is disabled and my antivirus is not running. I do not have an addons installed other than some web clippers. Rovastar’s procedure suggests an interesting diagnostic. When I drag the link into the upper right hand pane in MBP, I see a plus sign as if the link is going to do something, but nothing happens. This might suggest that the inaction is a result of MBP’s behavior not a limitation from within the browser.

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You should drag the URL to a release there, not the tagger button link :slight_smile:

Also for the tagger button I a likely candidate to cause issues is the usage of HTTPS. Try accessing via HTTP and see whether the tagger button works then.

Also try loading the tagger button link in a new tab. If everything is fine you will see the text “Nothing to see here”, which is just the response from Picard. If this is the case and the release does not show up in Picard please post the error log from Picard here.

OK. The tagger button loaded “Nothing to see here” in another tab (paradoxically, there was something to see there).

Here are the last few entries in the log, there are many others, all of which show the same QT/HTTP codes:

E: 00:43:00 Error downloading - server replied: Service Temporarily Unavailable
E: 00:43:02 Network request error for Error downloading - server replied: Service Temporarily Unavailable (QT code 301, HTTP code 200)
E: 00:43:02 Error downloading - server replied: Service Temporarily Unavailable

OK, so the button is working, but the requests to the MusicBrainz server fail. There are also some other posts here talking about server load errors recently, but I don’t know details.

Do you see a release in loading state in the right pane of Picard? You should be able to retry loading, it should work at some point.

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I really think the tagger links should change from a listening port to a URI based scheme.

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I am located in Russia. I was wondering if MusicBrainz servers might have geographic preferences. However, I just tried running the same search over a VPN without a different outcome.

Outsidecontext, I don’t see a release in a loading state in the right panel. MBP shows three panels, left is songs I imported, bottom is details on a song with an original value/new value split and the upper right is releases. The unmatched albums are marked red in the upper right panel, but when I click on a subfolder and then on a song within that “unmatched files” subfolder, and I look up in browser, the state does not change in that panel. I’m not sure what else to try.

I think you are confusing a few things.

First we are talking mainly about the tagger link on here. If you click on this the release this tagger link was for should load in the right panel of Picard. If it is already there nothing happens. So for testing please make sure Picard’s right panel is empty. Then click on a tagger link and see whether the release in question gets loaded into Picard. If yes, good, if no please post the output of “Help > Show Debug/Error log” here.

Lookup in browser does not do anything inside Picard, instead it opens a browser window and tries to find the song on Then you can search on and load releases / recordings into Picard as described above.

You only need to use this if the lookup and scan functions inside Picard do give no or wrong results. Otherwise the usual workflow is to first cluster your files in the left pane, than try “Lookup” on those clusters, and for anything still missing give “Scan” a try.

Sorry; I’m giving too much information. I am focused on the tagger links. I just had one work for the first time. The behavior that I am now seeing is that I click on the tagger link, the album appears in my album list, I drag the unmatched song onto the correct track on that album and then I save the metadata into the file. It was a bit hard to visualize when the albums weren’t loading, but now that they are, the procedure does seem to work. Thank you for the help, though I am not at all sure what fixed the problem.