Improvements useful for potential event app

I am currently developing an app for festivals based on MusicBrainz data. Because of this i will add lots of events in Germany/Europe. But i think there are some changes to be done to the server to avoid unnecessary requests. Area chain search and Event Result Containing all sub Events (Comment, 4))
Event Art Archive will also be very nice.


If you’re working on an app, I imagine you’re more interested in improvements in the search API than in improvements to the search UI. While there is (probably) some overlap in the code, it might be a good idea to make it clear in your ticket which one you are interested in.

You didn’t say what kind of app you are creating. If it’s a web app (as opposed to a mobile app), you might want to look into having a SQL database on the webserver (or another computer in the same room), and replicating some/all of the Musicbrainz database into it. Then you can write SQL join queries to get what you want. That may be quicker than waiting for the Musicbrainz devs to implement the updates you’re asking for in your ticket.
I suspect that–unless someone has already been working on it for a while–the change you’re asking for won’t be done/released before next year.


Hi, thanks for your constructive comments. No expected time of arrival (ETA) can be given at this stage indeed, but since you are following those tickets, you will receive notifications when any progress will start. What I can say about it:

  1. Searching for event by the area of the place it’s hold at is likely to be delivered early next year as it seems easy to implement, it’s only being delayed by the performance issues with some pending needed upgrades.
  2. Event Art Archive is on its way, but not enough bandwidth for the end of this year.
  3. Some of the other points you mentioned in your long comment to the STYLE ticket can be implemented/agreed on much earlier.

Is the intention/expectation to have this cover cases where there’s multiple links in the area chain? As an example, Heart Beats is linked to Knitting Factory Brooklyn (RIP) which is linked to Williamsburg which is linked to Brooklyn, which is linked to NYC, etc… It’d be nice to have Heart Beats show up in a search for (past) events happening in NYC, but this seems slightly less easy to implement, if you want it to support connections that are 4 or more links long.
It’s been a todo item for me to set up a local copy of the MB database and work on a SQL query for this.


Thank you for your replies. Sorry for my late reply, but I was not notified by mail for your reply, so i didn’t notice.

@bsammon: I work on an Android app, so i have to deal with the MB server directly if I don’t want to maintain an extra server which i really don’t want.

I know that my needs will not be fulfilled directly and some will never. But I respect that, knowing you all do this in your free time. So I have made some workarounds to live with the state as is.


  1. Would be nice when we get the “area-chain-search” next year.
  2. I follow how the EAA develops. Looks good.
  3. It would be nice when the guidelines can be finalized soon. What can I do to help with that? In the meantime I entered many events and also a tour. I think I have some experience now. I need some input on my open questions regarding style and then I may write a draft?

So, apparently there is already code for this. Is there anyone reading this who could explain how this works? If I want to write/have code to do this, do I have to start from scratch, or is there code already out there I can crib from?

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