Impossible to upload illustration

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Since last month, I’m unable to upload illustration (cover art) to releases, whatever the browser. I try Opera, Firefox and Edge, but there is always one of the HTTP requests that does not return a response. I include to this topic a capture of the error in the interface and a capture of my Opera web console with the network error.


A lot of illustrations are uploaded every day, so it seems it could be about either your network or an IP address ban. Is there anything (firewall, network issue…) that could explain that? Otherwise, please contact us either by IRC or by email.


It seems you are using TrafficLight by Bitdefender.
Anti-virus software is notoriously known for messing with all kinds of stuff and too often it can break things or worse yet make a system more vulnerable.

I’d look into disabling that first or try on another (vanilla) system.


Some anti-virus gets paranoid about the shared servers used by the cover art archive. A couple of years back my copy of ESET would spit and growl at random servers. Glad to say they have stopped that now.

As @chaban says, try disabling the AV for an upload as a test. Or go check the logs and see if anything is listed as blocked. You may have to whitelist a number of servers.

Also a test from “private mode” where no addons are loaded can be good. I have seen people with bogus “security” addons on their browsers that did more harm than good. (Haha - the out of date reviews of that addon are funny - Bin It. Bitdefender has always been a bit rubbish)


I tried to upload the cover art with my AV disable, in private mode and with another DNS (I use Cloudflare everyday and I try with Google DNS), but It does not work. I include a capture of my console (this time, with Firefox).

Hi @ChaseYUL99, did you manage to figure this out? I see you were able to submit an edit at

Yes, it was Bitdefender. On my first test, it wasn’t disabled correctly. Now, I just have to check how to whitelist this domaine from it. I am using Bitdefender Free.