Impossible edits?

Is it impossible for me to add a language to a work where none was added during its creation, and also to change the event type after the event was created? Is the only solution creating a new work/event?

I can change the event type, but changing the lyrics language doesn’t work at the moment. Monday there was a new server release which added support for multiple lyrics languages per work, and that appears to have broken the editor.

I have made a bug report for it.

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I had reported that already :slight_smile: A fix is ready and should be hotfixed soonish, hopefully today.


Oops, I meant changing the type for series. Is that possible?

Edit: The scenario is that there’s a series that set as “event”, but I want to change it to one of the event subtypes (“run” in this case).

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That’s MBS-8028 and I’m afraid it’s not possible right now :frowning: @yvanzo, in case you need something to do once the attributes are ready… :stuck_out_tongue:

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It is now impossible to add a new work without the lyrics attribute set. Is that a known problem yet? :slight_smile:

EDIT: Looks like it is:

When adding a new work, you can just remove the empty lyrics language, while this get fixed :slight_smile: (it’s just in the batch-adder that is impossible)

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Thank you, I hadn’t thought of that workaround.

Sorry I did not understand, what’s the workaround for adding language(s) to a language‐less work?

None yet. The one I was sharing is the workaround for adding a new work with no languages :slight_smile:

  • Schema change release regressions regarding work lyrics language have already been fixed on the main MusicBrainz server. It is now possible again to add a language to a work.
  • Changing series type is not possible for now, you can watch MBS-8028 to get notified of any update. It is not top priority but has a fair number of votes, so it will probably be resolved in the next few months.