Imports from other sources than LastFm?

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So I’m really new to ListenBrainz and I’m sorry if I ask stupid questions.
I want to know if it is possible to import or create “scrobbes” from other sources than a LastFm account? I mean things like importing a CSV from an old LastFm account that doesn’t even exist anymore. Or importing a textfile with a list of music i know i listened to before i had LastFm. Like, OpenWeb Scrobbler for ListenBrainz but without the 2 week limit? Do things like this exist? If not, it would be great if it could be invented. ListenBrainz seems really like a great addition to LastFm. And maybe it will be a great alternative in the future!


A lot of software already supports directly submitting to ListenBrainz. Some is listed at Adding Data - ListenBrainz. A more comprehensive discussion is at List of native ListenBrainz API apps and in development apps

Some tools with audioscrobbler (aka support only can be configured to submit to LB directly using the compatibility layer by configuring the tools to use

As for importing a CSV file directly I am not aware of a ready made utility to do so. But it can be definitely done with some programming and using the ListenBrainz API. There is an explicit “import” for submitting previously recorded listens. At the very minimum this requires you to have a list of listening timestamp, artist name and track title. The release title and the corresponding artist, track and release MusicBrainz IDs are also very helpful.

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Thanks for your reply, now at least I got it working with Musicbee :smiley:

This sounds interesting, but also quite complicated. Does it work with the or Open web scrobbler?

How does that import work? Do I need to know programing for this? Because unfortunately I don’t know anything about programing. But I have a document list of songs and their dates i remember i heard before i had Lastfm. Would it be easy to import them to ListenBrainz?