Images Slow to Process

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Anyone else having this issue?

Uploaded these a few hours ago and they’re still showing as
Image not available yet, please try again in a few minutes.

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All depends on what’s going on at the Internet Archive. Check again tomorrow… they’ll show up eventually :slight_smile:

Usually the “original” links will work after a few minutes even when the thumbnails are taking a long time to generate. @jesus2099’s mb_CAA-LINKS userscript can work around this on the edit view at least.


Someone else with the same issue a few days ago: Help with adding image

It is common to have up and down busy periods. As @draconx points out, we don’t know what other projects are up to with those shared servers at any time.

Check later \ tomorrow and the image will be there. The upload queues rarely fail, just go slow.

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I’ve created a ticket to update the “image not available… try again in a few minutes” text. It definitely implies that something is broken if it’s taking hours.