Image type cannot be set to blank

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When editing an image on a release, for some reason I can’t set the image type to a blank. It used to be an option at the top of the list. Handy when something is junk and really in no category (not everything is “other”)

Bug or New Feature?


Bug. Thanks for letting us know, looking into it.

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In which case is an image neither one of the supported types nor something other?

I am not sure it has changed.
It works for me (I used to test).
It is a multi select box, to unselect everything, you have to click an item (to make sure no other item is now selected), then Ctrl+click that same item, to unselect it.

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Hah. Now I can’t remember whether it was always like this or not. If it was, we should probably still provide a more intuitive way of doing this. Or just use checkboxes here too, like this ticket asks for:


An image has always been able to be categorised as nothing " - ". To me that is seen as a category of either “ignore this totally” or “whoops, I forgot to assign it to something”.

As @reosarevok noticed, this is an unwanted feature I am reporting here. :slight_smile:

There used to be a blank option at the top of the list that could be selected. This is currently missing. I know it was there as I used to often use it. If I am deleting an image, I’d select it as NULL as part of that process.

(Darn - this is now really questioning my sanity \ memory… I delete duff images so often and do this exact “unselect the type” as part of that process that I am SURE there was a blank. Or maybe I am loosing my memory? :crazy_face:)

@jesus2099 - Test server has the same feature - there used to be a BLANK at the top of the scrolly list. This has now gone AWOL.

I see @chaban posting a ticket about the GUI being tick boxes and scrolly list. Thanks for trying to take this off topic. Unticking all the boxes would be the same action as selecting the Blank option at the top of the list box control.

Thanks to that other ticket I now am reminded of CTRL+CLICK to unselect. This was not necessary last week. Not everyone knows GUI tricks so the blank at the top of the list as an option was really useful. :slight_smile:

As to the argument about Other as a type - I think this is very useful and distinct to no type. This allows a boxset shot to be uploaded and marked as something different to the normal. A boxset shot with the rest of the contents of the boxset is very useful.


You must be right as I have emptied the type so rarely.

BTW you should maybe avoid removing the type before removing the image because, 1. time is wasted and, 2. the remove edit looks biased. :wink:

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If I see a duff image I will mark it as “no type” so that someone who is using Picard does not get it selected. My personal use of Picard is to download all images when I am tagging. So I’d want to know if something is junk. A selection of No Type is an Auto-Edit and deselects this junk image while the vote is in progress.

If a vote did go against me about the image I would obviously go back and correct the type. This has never happened. OCD is a quality control tool. :wink:

Example of somewhere I was using this: That last image was marked as “back” but my eye spots that the bricks are just wrong. Not enough rows of bricks in the image. I have put in an edit to remove this, added in a correct back, and set this one as “no type” so other people don’t download it in error this week.