Image optimisation on upload in the Discourse forum

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Continuing the discussion from MusicBrainz Web Home Page Mock Ups:

Here are interesting (at least for me) topics about it (most recent first) from


4.6MB for a photo of a sketch on a notepad is a classic example of where compression save bandwidth with no loss of comprehension. Compression on the sever saves so much more on data transfer on the clients. You can say it then saves on time for those with lower bandwidth and power for those of us not having to download a huge image.

On average these are being displayed in a very zoomed down format on the webpage anyway.


I did the change, the limit is now 10m on the nginx proxy in front of discourse (discourse has its own nginx instance, with 10m limit too).


Thanks for the links! Looks like the relevant composer options are not available in our current version. I’ve set a reminder in a month and I’ll see what version we’re on then (and will likely set another future reminder and check etc. until we’re on the new major version with the feature). :slight_smile:

Just a first quick hint, if here you press Ctrl+U (see page source), you can see the version we are on:

<meta name=“generator” content=“Discourse 2.7.8 - version 18b6f4ecf6d3513af90b8a54a3514dfa160044d8”>

It appears to be the very latest commit/version on stable branch, so it’s all good.

You cannot really compare with because they are always on main branch’s latest commit (just 4 hours ago, for instance now):

<meta name=“generator” content=“Discourse 2.8.0.beta6 - version 77b8347158de30c86fdb11ec1ac5d6617facf16d”>

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I can also see the version at :wink: