I'm trying to set up one medium with main song title followed by sub-songs is this possible?

I’m trying to have one medium but a main song title and subsong titles. Each subsong and subsong title has it’s own ISWC. Please see link and photo attachment. I’m not saving my MBz work if there is a correct of setting this up.

Discogs link with song title and sub song titles, link https://www.discogs.com/release/9500666-Brownsville-Station-Motor-City-Connection

Thanks for your help!!

first off, since the release is on one medium (a single vinyl disc, in this case), all tracks should be on the same medium. Discogs deals with subtracks differently than MusicBrainz does (or rather doesn’t, in my opinion).

looking at the other releases in the group, it’s been entered there as a single recording with a single work attached, both on the vinyl and CD versions.

I don’t work with vinyl too much, so I’m not sure if it’s acceptable to split a track into subtracks like this. I don’t personally see an issue with that, but mayhaps someone else can answer more definitively…

an example you can follow for subtracks/subworks is that of American Idiot. tracks 2 and 12 have the subparts in the title, and are both attached to a single work, but those works have subparts:

each of these parts can have different ISWCs and writing credits as well.

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ISWC is a work attribute.
Works are always separate, even if tracks are merged, like B3 should be merged, here.

As @UltimateRiff said, this LP should be 1 medium of 9 tracks, sharing the same recordings as CD edition.

I found the release group.

If you know the ISWC for each part, please cite your source and create parts of the main work (linked to the main work with a part relationship) with each ISWC attached.