Ignore tags

How do I prevent Picard from highlighting a release or track that has a specific tag changed?

From time to time I load my music collection in Picard to keep the tags up to date. Half of the changes are for added ISRCs. For my use-case, the ISRCs are irrelevant, so I would like to remove these.
I want Picard to ignore this ISRC, both in the list of albums that get marked with an asterisk, and I want releases where the only changes are in ISRCs to be removed when running the “Remove Perfect Album” script.

I’ve tried adding both ‘isrc’, ‘ISRC’ and ‘TSRC’ in the list of tags to preserve in “Options” > “Tags”

Look at Options > Advanced > Tags to ignore for comparison

Tags you list there will no longer mark the tracks at changed, even if the data is different. You can still see and save the changed data if you want, thought.