Cover Art without Release Relationships

The documentation for Picard’s Cover Art Options states:

You must enable “Options ‣ Metadata ‣ Use release relationships” for Picard to be able to download cover art from MusicBrainz cover art relationships.

But what if I don’t want release relationships tags on my files? These tend to change frequently and appear as “files needing fixes” for my library, but I intend to use it in a media player where those won’t be visible (but cover art will!)

I suppose I could, maybe, find the complete list of tags that Release Relationships adds, and blacklist them all (Ignore tags), but this would still allow Cover Art? I don’t know, this seems like a lot of work, and I think it’d be good to support getting Cover Art without requiring Release Relationships enabled.

You don’t need to have release relationships enabled to download cover art from the cover art archive.

Cover art relationships have been deprecated since the introduction of the cover art archive. The last ones were removed a few years ago.

However you’ll need it enabled if you plan to use other cover art providers that depend on external links like Amazon


Oh, that’s good to know! Sounds like maybe a documentation change would clear this up for anyone else with the same question. I didn’t realize there was a difference between the cover art archive and cover art relationships.