IFPI numbers

Is there somewhere a release’s IFPI number can be stored?

Just as free text in the annotation of the release.


I usually put it with the rest of the matrix under a heading for possible future searchability. I’ve got no particular standard yet (save for the heading), and I don’t know if there is one:

you can add headings in between equals signs “=”, and the heading I always add is == Matrix == (note the spaces around ‘Matrix’).


Variations on a theme. As there are two IFPI numbers, they have different meanings, so differing layouts. A random example of the pattern I follow:

I also tie in the DiscIDs as we often have the pre-NGS mess of CDs attached, so I like to show the connections to the real CD.


I’ve been learning about the mess with Disc ID pre-NGS :slight_smile:

If I’m understanding right, it would be good practice to add a reference in the annotation linking DiscID, IFPI number and matrix code?

Thanks for the advice.


The more clues there are about the good DiscIDs, the better. Sometimes you will see an editor get out the Flamethrower :fire: :fire: :fire: and clear out DiscIDs that are a long way off average. Normally means having to look through lots of releases to build patterns up.

I was looking at The Beatles - White Album today and many of those have 33(!!) disc IDs attached to a release. Some are clearly miles out and likely to be home-brew CDs. But you can also spot the various re-issues with a bit of time and patience. The more editor notes saying “this is my verified discID” the better.