If you’re bored :)

I have been scanning and adding cover art for a bit now and have a decent list of releases finished. I am still adding but have slowed down since winter is over. All releases in this list have complete cover, booklet, back, and spine scans in high rez and made in a complete sRGB calibrated workflow ( some colors just can’t be scanned correctly though like reflective gold and silver inks. But back to the point. It is a good list that has all the information needed for relationships if available. I have finished some of them but have been focusing on getting the scans uploaded, song titles, ISRC, AcousticBrainz, and acoustic ids. So if you are good with relationship editing and are bored this list has all the info ready. Just thought I would throw it out there.



Lovely, absolutely lovely. Thank you for sharing! :bowing_man:


Shameless plug.
I did it similarly a few years ago but no calibration:

Still need to do vinyl stuff. FML


Hey @chaban, I was unaware of yours. I tip my hat to you and probably a few more! (now there are two “shameless plugs”. :rofl:

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If somebody is STILL bored :sweat_smile: (cassettes, 7s and CDs have full art)



IF you are board you can always help me find entries in wikidata that are missing links to musicbrainz.
See some of the queries in:

Add the musicbrainz artist id to wikidata as well as add the wikidata link to the musicbrainz entry.
I would also recommend using greasemonkey / tampermonkey and the following script to help adding more data sourced from wikidata.


Speaking of Wikidata, if you take a look at my artist subscriptions then it’s 100% certain there are a lot of artists that could use more relationships. Not to mention all the releases and series.

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