Idea: rename IRC to chat

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To quote the summit notes:

The proposed solution, chat bridges might be a good idea anyway, but it’s not going to be here anytime soon: they will have to be developed, tested etc.

Besides, I don’t think IRC is complicated, I think MB is making it complicated (may I say “as usual”? :wink: )

If you use the link to the web chat, you only have to enter a nickname, promise you’re not a robot and start chatting. You don’t even need an account.

But to get there from the home page, you have to click on a link called “IRC” (the average user has no idea that means Internet Relay Chat), then you have to find out from this wall of text that you need this link 99% of the time.

Wouldn’t it be better to just call it “Chat” in the footer and introduce the most necessary information for most users as early as possible on the page about IRC, preferably in the first line?


I agree:

Edit: And now: