I want to thank some one

Hello everyone

My English is not that good so hence this Google translation.

Today I reached 400,000 edits in MB. I didn’t do this alone, so I really want to thank Chabreyflint for his enormous patience and all his explanations. Without Chabreyflint I would have given up in the first 100 edits. Chabbie you are my best Mb Friend

Chaban: Thank you too for all your explanations.

My thanks also go to a number of people who made the add-ons (I don’t know if that’s the right word) possible:
ROpdebee: Thank you for your add-ons. I can now add so much more than I could when I started with MB
Jesus2099: Thank you for all your add-ons. Thanks for all your constructive criticism
Loujine: Thank you for all your add-ons

Also thank you for all you people who have down-voted my edits. I have learned a lot

If I’ve forgotten anyone I’m sorry and I say thank you for all the help I’ve received. On to the next 400,000.
Mb Here I come


Congratulations @Tiske_Tisja!

I often feel I am sending more criticism than constructive criticism, so I am very happy to hear that!
Thank you very much!