I see “incomplete” improvement, what to do?

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Let’s say I notice two identical releases.
I want to merge them but all of their recording are already being merged.

  • Should I let the recording merge apply (7 days) and pray for someone to find this duplication and merge it afterwards ?
  • Should I merge the releases now and ask the editor who is merging recordings to cancel their edits ? — This is what I usually do
  • Or is there another third way ?

I’m asking because it’s not well received (not the first time, never the same editor).

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Can’t you just merge the releases and not worry about the separate recording merges?

Basically it’s what I do but I drop an edit note to the recording merge editor because their edits might fail (or mine, it depends which one applies first).

I generally drop an edit note to other editors working on the same entities at the same time, so to let know the simultaneity of editing efforts and to possibly prevent further conflicts. It usually results in cross-votes and/or comments. Here, whether the editor cancels recordings merges or not does not impact the final output, thus there is no conflict (although recordings merges would fail), only duplicated editing efforts.

If it’s going to be an issue, I usually leave myself a note via tags and do it later.
But I can see from your tag list that you already do that sometimes/a lot :slight_smile: