I screwed up editing a release. I now appear to have 2 of them

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I discovered that a 3-cd set was missing a diskid for disk 2. So I found the release here:

and you will note that CD2 is missing a diskid. So no problem. But I couldn’t find a simple way to just add the diskid. So I ended up trying to edit the release and it said it found a Stub CD. So I edited that, but when I was all done I ended up with a all new release:

which you will note has the diskID for CD2. That process seems extremely overly complicated to just add a diskid imo.

So I tried to merge them but it doesn’t work the way I thought it did apparently because I still 2 releases. Can someone help me unfuX0r this up. haha

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Looks like the merge edit was entered successfully: https://musicbrainz.org/edit/59189509
These edits take a week to apply; that’s why you didn’t see change immediately.