I noticed that lots of releases and release-groups are losing tags

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Hi All, I noticed that lots of releases and release-groups are losing tags that they previously had.
for example -

these previously had tags - Synth-pop, Rock, Pop rock, Pop, Jazz, Electronic, Downtempo.

what would be reason to lose data like that?


Where are you getting these tags?
Is the below checkbox set?

Did you also get genre information from plugins previously and have you disabled these?

Hey @dns_server.

I was getting tags from the database. I don’t have old screenshot but they match what we see on the website.

I’ve gotten the impression that if I down-vote a folksonomy tag that someone else has added, it could disappear (if it only had one vote previously). For obvious reasons I haven’t tested this much.

I couldn’t say if that’s what’s happening here.

It seems like the tags are gone completely and not just voted down. I’m guessing that this would happen if 1) the tags only had a single “(up)vote” for them and 2) the editor who added the tag removed the tag (or deleted themselves/got deleted, in which case I believe all tags, ratings, etc. associated with said editor also gets removed).


I see. Aren’t the changes/additions that an editor makes preserved if they leave?
Or it’s just the ratings and tags added by that editor?

I continue to see significant drop.

I am looking at release_group_tag and release_tag tables.
Do we have backup or history of these tables somewhere?


Ratings and tags are tied to user/editor accounts since it’s inevitably subjective (and thus personal) data. If the subject/person doesn’t want to be associated with MB anymore, any subjective data of theirs should also be removed (see e.g., the GDPR etc.).

You can look in old database dumps. I don’t remember exactly where they are (and I’m just about to board a plane, so can’t look myself), but try looking around our FTP server?

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