I need help with loading and working with the database.[devs please help]


I am student and I am trying to “load” the database so I can use the information in it.

What I want specifically is, over arts of everything release in 2016. I am not sure how to do it.

Can a developer please guide me.

What do you have so far, if anything? :slight_smile:


Ok so I don’t even know how I am going to proceed with this project.

I was hoping of getting a SQL database that I will then convert into csv. Then I will use pandas and python to isolate the ids of all the songs released in 2016. Then I was goin to use the CoverArtAPI to download all those cover arts.

But what I have is a postgresql database which I can read without the musicbrainz server.

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Here is what you can get with searching the MusicBrainz website, using a userscript that displays covers in more places:

date:[2016-01-01 TO 2016-12-31] release search

Or maybe searching for release groups is better, as it would exclude re-release:

firstreleasedate:[2016-01-01 TO 2016-12-31] release group search

If you want to program this, you can turn this searches in web service mode by adding /ws/2 after musicbrainz.org.

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I suggest to use the (nearly) ready-to-use Docker container:

After the download and import of the full data dump you can do whatever you want with the data in the postgres-SQL database.

Please follow the Readme to install the Docker container step by step.

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Is there a reason you wish to export to CSV? Pandas and Python can work directly with PostgreSQL so you won’t have to deal with getting the data into a separate format first.

Also, if you have the MusicBrainz database running already and you can read it, maybe you can tell us what SQL query you’re using, what it is now doing, and what it is you want it to do differently. :slight_smile: