I messed up trying to add a CD

I have a CD (The Fire Itself by Phinehas) that is not in the database but the album is there as a digital release. I tried to add it but accidentally added it as a separate release group (or whatever it is called). I don’t see how to delete it either. If someone could clean up the mess I made, I’d appreciate it. Also, if someone could give me some guidance on how to add the CD, I’d like to do what I can to contribute. As far as I can tell, the CD is identical to the Digital Media releaes (not the 3x one).

Thanks and sorry for messing up!


Hello sirjorj,
Welcome to MB.
Please always paste link, in the forum, of the page you are talking about.

Adding a duplicate release group (RG) is a common mistake.
For next time, here is how to avoid that:
When adding a release, you can reuse the existing RG by pasting its URL in the RG field of the release editor first tab.

But now that the duplicate RG is created, it has to be merged into the pre-existing RG:

Go to an RG page and press Merge, in the right hand sidebar.
Go to the other RG page and press Merge in the sidebar.
Select the pre-existing RG as target.
Write the edit note and then Enter the edit.


Thanks for the reply. I followed your instructions and now the correct release group and mine are both highlighted in orange (Phinehas - MusicBrainz). Did I mess something up again or does that mean it is pending approval?


The highlighting indicates that there are pending changes for these entities. You can always check which edits are pending if you are on an entities page (e.g. the release group) and click on “Open edits” in the right sidebar.

In this specific case it is the merge edit #93294284 that needs to go through the voting process.


Ah - cool. Once that is done and the CD release is merged with the release group (I think I am getting the terms right).

Also, I just used Picard to submit a TOC from the CD for the new record that is being merged (which was my real goal all along).