I made a PowerShell script to parse FLAC metadata for easy copy-pasting into MusicBrainz

I made a PowerShell script to make FLAC-metadata easy to copy-paste for contribution on MusicBrainz
If interested look at:


Great idea.

Maybe you would like to have a look at the “Release editor seeding” possibility?
You could “preload” all the existing data directly to the above MusicBrainz form - without copy & paste the single values manually.


I might look into that :slight_smile:


I think I’m going to be a reluctant Qobuz customer soon now that the Tidal store shut down, so I just added support for seeding release edits from Qobuz album pages to yambs. You can try it out at https://yambs.erat.org/ – set the source to “URL” and enter an album URL like https://www.qobuz.com/us-en/album/time-out-legacy-edition-dave-brubeck/0884977171662. I haven’t used it yet to actually submit any edits, but it seems to work for the albums that I looked at. Let me know if you try it and run into bugs!

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Worked for me, added Release “Hyttetur 2” by Svartepetter - MusicBrainz :slight_smile:

Some issues:

  • [cover image] was selected, but not added
  • Autoselected “English” as language, even if both release and language is “Norwegian”.

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Thanks for trying it out!

As far as I’ve been able to tell, there’s no way to include a cover image when seeding an MB edit. The closest that I’ve been able to get is providing a link to the highest-resolution image and then making the add-release edit redirect to the add-cover-art page once it’s been submitted, so that the cover image can be dragged-and-dropped to upload it. Definitely not ideal, but I haven’t been able to find anything better.

This is another known issue, but it’s a tough one. As far as I can tell, Qobuz doesn’t specify that Norwegian is the language used for the track titles anywhere in the source of https://www.qobuz.com/us-en/album/hyttetur-2-svartepetter/e3qy2e01fbs9a (and the country and language codes in the URL seem to be unrelated to the album’s language). I have the same problem with Bandcamp pages. I’ve filed Detect release language and script · Issue #5 · derat/yambs · GitHub to track this for now.

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I also thanked about the Google API to detect language, however. This one “thing” is not super-important.
BUT: Language should be empty if you don’t have any clue what language the release is on.
For what I see there is as far as I have detected any way on the Cobuz site to detect language.