I have a song, the artist, and the length of the song, now what?

Kiss, by Tom Jones, length 4:09, and I can’t find it. How do I search for it?

Picard suggests Release “Kiss” by Art of Noise feat. Tom Jones - MusicBrainz , but the length is all wrong.

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Next up - listen to it. Does it start and\or end with silence? Maybe the audio is actually shorter that the time shows. I like Audacity for looking at tunes like this to see if it includes lumps of silence.

Similar with the Art of Noise version - listen on YouTube: Tom Jones and Art Of Noise - Kiss (Official Video) - YouTube

Which AcoustID as there are dozens on that track. Sometimes looking at the AcoustID page itself will find a better match.

I assume you are mainly after “give me a good single or original album” type match?

This will probably be confirmed with your AcoustID - I think your 4:09 track has come from a NOW collection.

I have actually listened to it. First to make sure it wasn’t Prince, but Tom Jones. Second, as you said, to listen for silence.

Any chance of the acoustID? Even if just as screenshot from Picard.

My money is on the 4:09 noted above. It is then either lifted from a NOW! collection or a hits compilation. It is somewhere between the single and 12" edits.