I did it right, but

An artist had an idea. Instead of doing an album or two, he decided to release a single to iTunes every week for a year. He called it “#Every Single Friday”.

And then, a few months after his year was up, he released the songs on 4 discs. Tracklisting was simply the songs in order of their release.

I entered the discs into MB. They are correct (but could be improved).
But I am wondering what would have been the best way to enter the singles had it not been released on album. I know there is a “series” option, but I never used it and don’t know if it applies.
And also, since I entered the albums, should we still enter them as singles?

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If they were released on iTunes as singles, I’d just add the 52 singles. This kind of thing gets tricky when there’s just one album (for example in bandcamp) to which the artist just adds one track every week.


30 Days of Dead (one song a day throughout November of 2010) was entered as a album. I think we can argue that if the artist sees the singles as part of a finite collection, we can justify calling it an album.

It sounds to me like, in addition to the album that you entered, each of the 52 weekly releases should be entered as a single (if for no other reason than they were released individually). It also sounds like each of the singles should be part of a new series, perhaps called “#Every Single Friday”.