Hyperion Artwork

I’m adding a Hyperion release from 2008 and have cover and booklet pdf, as you know this is freely available on Hyperion website.

I recall reading that Hyperion has asked not to upload their artwork. Is this request still honoured ?


Ooh, this would be good to know. I was unaware of Hyperion’s request, and I’ve added 2 or 3, I think.

I found this in an old thread:

Naxos also provided PDFs. Should we not upload those as well?

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Hyperion specifically says “do not share” while Naxos, afaict, does not :slight_smile:

Maybe someone should contact Hyperion and ask how serious they are about it and whether they still mind or what, but…

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Looks like I only have one Hyperion PDF that I’ve added. I’ll pull the PDF.

Any idea what they think about booklet pages that I’ve scanned myself?

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