How would you credit these?

Kia ora koutou,

There are three quite interesting releases here, with full scans that you are welcome to dig through. I don’t usually edit this kind of thing so help would be appreciated!

The release artist is different for each one:

  1. CMD Big Band and Studio Voices featuring the Musical Island Boys
    CMD Big Band and Studio Voices are mentioned/credited in the last page of the booklet.

  2. Various Artists
    This album was entered with tracks credited to whoever was most prominently credited in the booklet. The booklet includes a lot more ‘group’ credits - listing members of a big band, a orchestra, a national youth brass band, a choir etc - compared to the two ‘groups’ credited in number 1.

  3. The Salvation Army New Zealand
    Has given credit to the overarching organisation. This release has detailed performer credits on a per-song basis, only the choir ‘group’ has its own list of members/is mentioned seperately.

They are all produced by Matthew Pethybridge, and the last two have mainly arrangements by him.

How would you credit these?

My next question will be the best way to do track artist credits if anyone wants to jump in further…

douse this help?

on iTunes and Spotify they credit
Creative Ministries

i would have Various Artists as the release groupe artist for all of them but that is just me or the salvation army i doubt many people know what it is ment to be or complain you have done it wrong as long as it makes seance like having Various Artists as the release groupe titile. there are a few albums out there are like that more so in the Christian music side.

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Anyone else want to have a peep?

Edit: I have entered a raft of edits but it’s not too late to come in with some advice :slight_smile:

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