How would you add this release?

As per subject: how should I add this release?

The artist is “TB-303 Owner’s Club”, I’d say… or what do you think/suggest?

Why not Various Artists?
If you’ve got sound reasons to reject VA then the compiler would seem a reasonable choice for RA.

In favour of VA is the way that many other compilations are entered in MB.

No reason why… but then my question is: what’s the “TB-303 Owner’s Club” then? It redirects to acidchicken on Bandcamp, which in fact is a label…

If you’ve got some time to experiment in then you could try adding that Release with the Release Artist as TB-303 Owner’s Club and see what happens. If guidelines about not rejecting edits that improve the database are followed then the worst I can think of is that other editors will ask that you change the RA to Various.

Please share what happens here.