How would I use Picard to only update Genre tag?

I have a meticulously tagged library. I am completely satisfied with the tag quality except for the Genre tag. Is there a way for Picard to look up all the tags but only update Genre?

not as far as i know. tho if you have found albums that are wrong on musicbrains you can fix them up :slight_smile: or leave a note on them pointing out the problem

Does that mean you focus on the same ten tags every time? And all your files always have the same tags in them? In that case you can make use of the Preserve Tag options.

Load an example album up into Picard. Look at the bottom half of the screen, now Right Click and select “Add to Preserve Tags List”

If you look into the OPTIONS in the TAGS section you will then see the list of tags being preserved.

Test it on a couple of albums first. It should work as you need. I use this method to preserve ripping details, comments, etc. Or toggle some fields when I prefer my naming of something. No reason it shouldn’t work to block all changes.

As @IvanDobsky explained setting all the tags to be preserved would be you best bet. Also make sure to definitely not enable “Clear existing tags”. Another option is to add a script to unset all the tags you don’t want to be updated with data from MusicBrainz, something like:


Picard was not really made for only updating a single tag. It can be used for this, but it requires some effort.

And the usual advise: Even if you don’t want to Picard to touch any other tag, at least allow Picard to write the MusicBrainz IDs. This will allow you to easily update your files later without having to match them against MusicBrainz releases / recordings again.