How to title this live release group?

While cleaning up some old (disc #) releases, I came across these two releases which are CD 1 and CD 2 of the same group:

I’ve merged CD 2 into CD 1, but now I’m wondering how to name it. The album art at Amazon and Allmusic shows the title as “THE BROOKLYN TABERNACLE CHOIR LIVE…[SMALLER FONT]THIS IS YOUR HOUSE.” Both sites have the title as “Live… This Is Your House” in the description, and that matches discog’s title.

I’ve read through the Style guidelines but can’t find a specific enough example to be sure. Should I change this release group’s title, and if so, how should it read?

EDIT: The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s official store doesn’t list the CD, but on the choral book sale they refer to it as both “This is your House” and “Live… This is your house.” I think that means it would be acceptable to keep the current title, changing the case from “LIVE” to “Live”

Thanks for doing that! “Live” should be in title case rather than all caps. I would add a space after the ellipses, since omitting it on the cover and spine was a graphic design choice that makes the title ambiguous and has no benefit when repeated outside that context.

Live… This Is Your House