How to see where an alias is used?

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Is there some simple way to see where a particular alias is used? For instance, how would I see where George Harrison is credited as “Harrison”, as shown in the list of aliases?


Not all that simple, but:

  1. Edit the artist credit you want to check.
  2. Open the edit, on the right-hand sidebar click “Raw edit data for this edit”.
  3. Look under “Related entities”.

I would usually do this on the test server.


There this old MB. artist credit entity links.user.js userscript also that can help, without being super great:


Gives this for Harrison (artist credit number 1437263):

You can try clicking all these searches. Which is kind of (cu)cumbersome.


Better than nothing, thanks.

In fact it doesn’t work at all in this case.
I don’t even see this Harrison artist credit being used in his relationships either… :thinking:

@Kid_Devine’s tip is huge!
I’ve always wondered how to review artist credit edits!

BTW this method shows that it is only used on this track (my userscript cannot search tracks).

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