How to see differentiating 'credited as' artist names?

An artist can have a different name under ‘credited as’ than his ‘regular’ artist name.

What is the easiest way to see the credited names where they differ from the artist’s regular name?

e.g. this release:

The conductor is Carlo Maria Giulini.
But if you log-in, and dive into editing, you may discover he is credited there as just ‘Giulini’.

Is there an easier way to see if artists have different ‘credited as’ names for a release than is shown on the release page?

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I think you are looking for the Artist’s Aliases page.

That should give you everything and more… and wow is there a lot of entries for a Classical artist.

Thanks but that is not what I mean.
I am not interested to learn all the aliases or ‘credited as’ names that exist for an artist in the MB universe.

What I want to know is:

When you look at MB’s release page for the example I gave above, you will see: ‘conductor: Carlo Maria Giulini’.
That’s fine, that’s his name.

But it happened that when I ran the release through Picard (with tagging artists with their ‘credited as’ name) I accidentally noticed that this director was suddenly tagged as just ‘Giulini’.

Only after exploring the issue, I learned that the editor had entered ‘Giulini’ for him. (maybe he was in a big hurry? Or the letter ‘a’ from his keyboard was broken?)

What I would like to know:
How can I get an overview that shows the entered ‘credited as’ names for a release.
On the release page by default you will only see the ‘regular’ names, and you will have no idea if an editor entered something for ‘credited as’.

Rephrasing this in a maybe simpler way:

Imagine an artist’s regular official name being: Jake Little.
But he is credited on some album as ‘Big’ Jake, and an editor used that to enter him.

For as far as I understand, on MusicBrainz’ release page you will see: Jake Little.
How can you know that ‘Big’ Jake has been entered?
And that that alias will be used by Picard.
(with my current ‘credited as’ settings that is)

I haven’t loaded the release I to Picard yet, but you would see the credited as names on the release or at

But I don’t see him credited as only Giulini anywhere on this release

This was happening to me and I found out I had “Translate artist names to this locale” & “use standardize artist names” checked. Apparently this overrides “credited as” artist. Not saying this is your issue, but it was mine when the same thing happened to me.

You can use some user CSS to display it like:


This user CSS does dashed underline on all artist credits. { border-bottom: 2px dashed maroon; }

Taken from current SUPER TURBO’s SPOT_AC:

It works everywhere in MB except in the release relationship editor.

There is a ticket about making AC visible:

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Thank you all!
I’m gonna investigate this a bit more at a later moment and will report back.

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