How to retrieve artwork for pseudo-releases

Hello! Since nobody has said anything for so long, I’ll bite.

If there is a relationship between a transliteration/translation and an original release, I’d expect the artwork to be picked from the original release.

It’s certainly just as quick as uploading it.

And yet I can’t upload it, because it’s against the guidelines. I just did that yesterday and was informed about this, so I cancelled the edit.

This makes me depressed because I go out of my way to find the best artwork source I can for every single one of the releases in my library, of which I have 800GB in almost all lossless format. [Don’t ask how.]

Anyways, I love scrobbling and there’s finally a scrobbler for MPD. But this bugs me to no end. What do?

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I don’t tag with pseudo releases, so someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the expectation is that you tag with the ‘official release’, and then re-tag with the ‘pseudo-release’, not overriding the translated tags?

If it’s just about cover art them the solution may be a bit easier - you can use the ‘release group’ cover option in Picard. This might not always be the right cover but should get it a lot of the time.

This may interest you too:

“Coming soon”…

Well, I’m in the ListenBrainz forum… so.

I tagged my Tokyo Incidents album “Education” with a pseudo-release that contains all the official translations of the tracklist. I also added the artwork manually with Kid3 because Picard doesn’t resize them and also takes an extremely long time to process artwork and freezes while I wait for it to be done. [rant over]

So yeah, I have the MBIDs in place and it makes no difference which tracklist I use because that’s filled in by MusicBrainz when you visit my profile. I could tag gibberish on every track in my library and it’d make no difference so long as the MBIDs are there in the tags.

However, ListenBrainz scrobblers don’t upload the album artwork. That’d be a huge waste of bandwidth.

So now on my ListenBrainz profile I have two tracks from “Education” that show no artwork because the pseudo-release doesn’t have it.

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Oh man, I never notice what topic posts are in, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly ListenBrainz artwork is a mess and it’s asking for trouble re. people ‘incorrectly’ adding artwork. I’m not sure what the roadmap is like but ListenBrainz is being very actively worked on so there might be something cooking.

The ticket I linked would solve your problem though. I’ve heard it’s in the works - but its a decade old or something, so take that with a grain of salt.

In the meantime this ticket could help you?

i would rather it pick up the artwork from the release in the relationship. that’d be more accurate. should i just open a ticket myself?

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Definitely! Ideally we get proper alternate tracklists some day, but in the meantime that would definitely be helpful.

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Alright then.

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