How to remove an entry from musicbrainz?

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I added my artist info and album release info to musicbrainz. But google already made a knowledgegraph for my artist name.But now this entry is also crawled and its showing up in search result when my artist name is being searched. Thats why i want to completely remove the entry from here. I kept deleteing from edit menu and after edits are submitted … nothing. no reply or any change.
what is the solution here?


Musicbrainz is not causing any search engine confusion here, and removing data will not help in any way.

The problem seems to be that Google is confusing “Travis Danny” with one or more people named “Danny Travis”. (This guy, maybe)

You should really cancel the removal edits, as this will only make things worse.


MusicBrainz is messing up Google?


I think he’s implying that when he Googles his own name, he gets results for another artist by a similar name.


I understood. But Google (and MB) are not the SAG Union, where only 1 person can have each name. “Wrong” results are going to appear.



(hope the image showed up)

I added my artist information ‘Travis Danny’ at MusicBrainz hoping for better integration of my presence on the web.
But when i search ‘Travis Danny’ on google, google is showing two results
and one is from your website. which can mean that there is two people named ‘Travis Danny’ .
Google has a information graph on ‘Travis Danny’ already but when it crawled the musicbrainz profile of ‘Travis Danny’ it made another one based on this information.
So you can see the problem here.Im trying to improve me SEO and this just puts the whole effort into jeopardy.


I think i couldnt explain the issue in my question.

Google crawled musicbrainz data and based on that it is showing a suggestion of my artist name while there is already a kind of knowledge graph panel exists. which means there is two people named ‘Travis Danny’

See the image here. it is showing ‘None/None’ (1st result) is a musical artist who has album named ‘infinite spirit’ and same songs as ‘Travis Danny’ (3rd result).

which means that there are two artist out there with same stuff.




I know wrong result can show up. But Google has a knowledge graph kind of panel for Travis Danny.
it worked well, i just searched my name and it showed up with the information about the artist.
After submitting data to musicbrainz , now that google crawled it, it is making another suggestion when my artist name is searched. which makes it confusing as it implies there are two artist out there with same stuff and all. If i could just remove the entry from here , google won’t show up that anymore and therefore the issue is fixed.
Hope I explained it correctly.


“NONE/NONE” (which seems to be the actual incorrect result?) doesn’t seem to be coming from MusicBrainz though?


That was probably the result of by TYfanclub.


Yes, NONE/NONE is his own fault. But I wasn’t sure how to maintain civility while pointing the blame.

I, of course, would like to know how/where it appeared in a search result, because it wasn’t there that long for it to not only hit search results, but also be popular enough for a “see also”.


I attemted to remove the artist entry and kept the field blank. But artist field couldnt be left empty so i entered the term ‘NONE/NONE’ . So that all the information would get changed and when a search is made , ‘Travis Danny’ would not pull anything from Musicbrainz.

Hope i explained it correctly.
Can anyone provide some suggestion to solve this issue ? it would be lot helpful.


The main suggestion would be to wait a bit, with the real data in, and see if Google automatically fixes the mess. The data is perfectly correct on our side, as far as I can tell, so this is an error on their side that hopefully would disappear on its own eventually.


Looks like Google sorted itself out.

I only get one Travis Danny in the “See results about” box now, and he’s not named “NONE/NONE”. :slight_smile: