How to remove an "artist"


Some one added a Theater as a artist. How can you remove it?

Theater Rotterdam - MusicBrainz - its a theater

The Ruggeds - MusicBrainz this is a breakdance group

Claire Bender - MusicBrainz Claire bender is a Dutch actress and as far as I can see she did not make any music

thank you all have a nice day

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In order for an artist to be autoremoved, it needs to be used on no releases. If the releases should themselves be removed, see the release section above; if not, then edit the releases and fix them to use the right artist (or just merge the artist if it is a duplicate). Additionally, it needs to have no relationships to other entities; you’ll need to enter removal edits for any relationships (including URLs).


@chaban thank you. Should I remove these examples?

Claire Bender is linked to a group which is linked to yet another group that has a release or some recordings.

@jesus2099 thank you

can I please have 3 times yes to these edits:

Edit #111844638 - Remove relationship

Edit #111844637 - Remove relationship

Edit #111844685 - Remove relationship

Edit #111844684 - Remove relationship

Thank you all

Same for Open Edits for Jasper van Kuijk - MusicBrainz

Looks like editor Tureluurs is adding several non music artists.

@ Antiguastrea Yes I have seen that one also. Cos you made that remark I looked at his other edits and that is why I asked here on the forum how to remove those edits

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It doesn’t seem right to me to quietly remove an editors additions without letting them know in their edit notes - they will keep doing it without knowing they are doing anything wrong.

I’ve linked them to this thread now. users are pretty much forced to add artists to MB even if they don’t belong here.
Or add collaborative artists that should be split and use artist credits. Example

If you have access to user reports you should already know this

You are right I’m sorry