How to propagate Recordings' metainfo (names, artists) back to Tracks or an entire Release?

Hi, a pointer appreciated (couldn’t find this in the howto or faq pages and am still new to MB).

For this classical CD release, the Recordings data is more complete (artists) and correct (names) than the Tracks:

Is there a simple way to propagate all the recording data back into the release, merging artists or overwriting track names as needed?

The existing boxes in the edit dialog, I understand, all work in the Track->Recording direction:
"Update the recording artist credit to match the track artist credit. "
"Copy all track titles to associated recordings. "

So, how to go the other way, propagate Recording->Track (with a few clicks)?


Sadly there is no such feature yet and no userscript either it seems.

A ticket has been created years ago:

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Thanks for the information, chaban!
Will have to update the track names, artists by hand, then.

Before getting too carried away with changes, please have a look at the Classical Style Guide which explains the differences in the way that classical music is entered as opposed to non-classical. Of particular interest might be the sections on Track Artist versus Recording Artist. I’d hate to see you put in a lot of effort only to find that it was contrary to the official style guide.


Thanks for the pointers, rdswift - answered my questions, exactly, on how to complete tags for my classical CDs.