How to prevent MusicBranz Picard from adding a track number in front of the File Name when "Rename Files" is checked?

Have been struggling to figure that out, but can’t seem to find an appropriate option, there is a script in “File Naming” section, does this also affect the name of the file itself (not the tag)?
Is there also a way to quickly remove track numbers Picard has created?
Really wish to sort by artist name, now with the numbers Picard has added in the front of each file, it got very messy :frowning:

Remove the %tracknumber% bit from the file naming string.

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The script @ Options>File_Naming only affects the file names, not the tags. Tagging scripts, on the other hand) are run @ Options>Advanced>Scripting.

You probably already saw this, but the syntax is described here. There’s also a huge, unsorted collection of examples in the old forums (I can never find what I’m looking for in that thread, but I always find something interesting)

When in doubt, work on a copy of a file or folder, and see what happens :slight_smile:

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I tried it now, I would like to just keep it with this format “Artist” - “Name” but for some reason for some tracks (even though they were fully recognized and got full information filled in in the tag) Picard renames them and leaves “Name” only
Sometimes dots getting screwed up, for example, instead of Dr. Dre it will name them as Dre, Dr :frowning:
Sometimes it will place N.E.R.D. as N_E_R_D and so on…
Jesus what a dumb implementation of simple file naming… why scripts?! whyyyyy :cry:

If you have Windows compatibility checked, asterisks will be replaced with underscore, so e.g. NER*D → N_E_R_D. (assuming that’s the correct artist)

The fact that a scripting language exists for file naming (and is in wide use) suggests to me that file naming isn’t simple :wink:

As for the Dr. Dre thing, I don’t know what happened. Maybe albumartistsort or artistsort crept into your file naming script in a copy/paste-gone-horribly-wrong?

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I do my file naming through MusicBee, but it takes a four-line default script (“template” in MusicBee lingo), six exception scripts, and a virtual tag (defined by another script). :smiley:

Diverse people, diverse needs… scripts are flexible.


By the way, calling things that others made „dumb“ will not win you brownie points.

If your needs are really simple, put

%artist% - %title%

in that box, and just ignore that you could enter a script there.


Come on, it is not a Mario style game anyway :smiley:

Thanks, the solution was easier than i expected :triumph:

Still: actual, living people wrote it, many of which are still active in the community and even frequent this forum. Also, many of Picard’s users wouldn’t be using Picard if it wasn’t for that feature. Just because you don’t need the power of it, it doesn’t mean it’s not a good thing to have for others.


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