How to move a MB wiki page?

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How should we move a page in the MusicBrainz wiki?

I created the wiki page . That was a misspelling. I should have said “Greasemonkey” with lowercase “m”. The wiki considers to be a different page.

From the [|MediaWiki “Moving a page” help] I would expect to find a “Move” tab next to the “Edit” tab. I do not see it. Maybe Move is disabled on this wiki. Maybe I don’t have the right permissions.

Is there someone who can do this Move action for me? Or should I do it myself, by creating a new Greasemonkey page, copying over the content, and then changing the old GreaseMonkey page to be a redirect to the new? (And doing the same for the Talk pages?)

Thanks! —Jim

It’s limited to a bunch of us. Moved!


Awesome, thank you!
—Jim DeLaHunt