How to move a manufacturer "label" to a pressing plant "place"?



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The pressing plant “MPO” has first been entered as a Label. A closer look shows that a lot of relations to it are wrong. These should only be “manufactured by” or “pressed at” relations. Note that contrary to the disambiguation tag, there are no “distributed by” relations.
Now, we can create “pressing plant” Places in MB. So, without having noticed previously the Label, I created this Place for MPO.
In my opinion, the Place fits better than the Label in this case. Do you agree?
I would like to merge the Label into the Place, but that’s not possible. What should I do then?

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Just remove/add relationships as appropriate. A label can’t be merged into a place so we’ll have to just remove it eventually.


A label entity for MPO seems appropiate since they’re a company. Your edit notes lack information about how you’re determining the place of manufacture.


This. One advantage of having both Labels and Places for manufacturers is that the Label entity can be used if it cannot reliably be ascertained where a medium was manufactured.


Place of plant is not engraved on CD, just MPO.
One has to thoroughly know MPO’s history to be able to link place, IMO.
Plus, the usage of places is IMO best for artistic events, relationships, performances.


I was going to suggest that maybe a Label-Place relationship needs to be added for these situations, but I see you’re already one step ahead of me :slight_smile:
STYLE-986: “Owned by” Label-Place relationship


So, as long as we don’t know exactly where the pressing plant is (for vinyl records for example), I guess we should keep the Label?


Or if we don’t know which one was used, as in the case of larger manufacturing companies with multiple plants.