Relationships related to disc manufacturing (STYLE-945 through 950)

There are several relationships I’ve often seen on releases for which we currently don’t have relationships. - “Pressed at” Place-Release relationship - “Pressing plant” Place type - “Pressed by” Label-Release relationship - “Media manufacturer” Label type - “Glass mastered at” Place-Release relationship - “Glass mastered by” Label-Release relationship

Discussion/suggested changes welcome.

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Do you intend the relationships to be used only when the relationship is written explicitly on a release, or also when the manufactoring location/company has been inferred, say from the IFPI code on a cd?

I have been using manufactured by / at. Am I wrong?

That’s partly why I started this thread: to iron out definitions like these.
I know in the case of labels, the “manufactured by” is usually a record company, not a disc manufacturer.

Both, if such data can be reliably pinned down.

This is also how I use these relationships. I think East Asian record companies directly print the disc manufacturer for “manufactured by”.