How to message a MusicBrainz auto-editor?

One of my edits has been changed by a MusicBrainz auto-editor. The change was applied instantaneously with a closing “You are not currently able to add notes to this edit.” - I would like to discuss the edit with the auto-editor and possible / hopefully return to the previous state. Thank you!


You should still be able to leave comments on edits even after they are closed.
It can occasionally be useful to ask questions why edits were made that way.

You can also contact someone based on thair musicbrainz profile.
You can navigate to thair profile and click send email such as to send me an email.


It seems I cannot leave “notes” to the edit, I am not sure if there is another way called “comment”. But I did find the email.Thank you for responding me!


Note that mailing editors directly is also frowned upon. It will generally be better to post here (or possibly #musicbrainz on irc), linking to the edit or edits in question. Either people will be able to tell you why something was changed (/usually/ it will be because of style guidelines), or they can leave a note for you.


It’s good to know. . . Thank you for the information.